Business Transformation & Performance Improvement

Targeted Assistance for Organizational and Process Improvement

Advancing Financial, Operational, and Technological Enhancement

When change is the only constant, business leaders must be ready to adapt and evolve. New offerings, processes, and priorities consistently remain on the agenda, along with the financial implications they bring. Evolving customer expectations and advancements in technology and talent drive organizations toward new behaviors, necessitating strategic investment and the deployment of the right people, processes, and technology.

Harold Murimi & Associates’ Business Transformation and Performance Improvement services leverage our deep experience to help you assess opportunities, address underperformance, and launch strategic transformations. Our professionals collaborate with you to offer strategic advisory, operational support, program and interim management, and organizational design services.

How we Can Assist

Increase Margin & Profitability

Achieve financial, operational, and competitive performance gains by identifying and capturing improvement opportunities across the business, including people, processes, technology, and data.

Enhance Organizational Design

Transform your organization’s structure, processes, and operations using proven and scalable techniques like Span of Control and Layer Analysis, as well as Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

Evaluate operational performance and pinpoint opportunities for improvement, utilizing key metrics to measure progress.

Help Optimize Costs

Implement methods like large-scale cost reduction to streamline your current cost structure, thereby releasing low-cost capital for funding organic and inorganic growth initiatives.

Integrate with Speed and Scale

Identify and harness revenue and expense synergies to maximize the integration’s benefits.

Obtain Data-Driven Insights and Visibility

Base strategic decisions on a framework of operational and performance data.

More on Our Services

Comprehensive Business Process Optimization

We analyze and enhance entire value chains in business operations to lower costs and cycle times, while boosting service levels and quality.
–Revenue – Quote to Cash
–Payment – Source to Pay
–Reporting – Record to Report
–Planning – Plan to Perform
–Human Capital – Hire to Retire

Finance Transformation

We identify issues affecting the finance organization’s performance and strategically recommend process improvements.
–Finance organization design
–Financial planning & analysis
–Strategic interim roles
–Transformation delivery

Operating Model and Organizational Design.

We use proven and scalable techniques to help you transform your organization.
–Core and support functions
–Process delivery model
–Span of Control and Layer Analysis

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